toca life world: Build stories

Toca Boca World: Build Stories(all unlocked places)

If You want to know which stories we can create in the game. And you want to know all the stories’ names.  This article mentions all the stories with names. All stories are amazing and we can create stories similar to real life. 

These toca boca stories are a beauty of the toca life world allowing you to create toca life stories according to your choice and imagination.  From my personal experience, the Toca Boca World MOD APK is a very fantastic and enjoyable game. 

What is Build Stories in Toca Boca World?

The game is very amazing and popular. This is a colorful game and is best for children. In this game, we create different toca life stories like real life. We can play this game as our little universe. 

All the characters are beautiful and colorful. All the characters’ names are different. The best thing about the Toca Boca World MOD APK is, that you can create various stories with different characters. Now we discuss all the toca life stories.

Toca Life Stories (Toca Boca)

Toca Life school

Toca Life: School 

In the toca life school stories, you can attend classes with friends. You can play the role of teacher and participate in sports activities. You can explore the school environment like the playground,  science lab, classrooms, and cafeteria.

Toca Life: Office

In this part, you can visit different areas like the lobby, conference room, and break room. You can attend a meeting with a colleague. You can perform different tasks in the office like organizing files, typing on the computer, etc. In this story, you wear professional outfits.

Toca Life School in build stories in toca life world
toca life: vocation of build stories in toca life world

Toca Life: Vocation 

It is a part of the Build Stories in Toca life World where you can create your vocation stories.  You can pack your bags and explore airports, beaches, islands, and hotels. You can stay in a hotel with friends.

Toca Life: Beach

In this part, you can enjoy a vacation. These are amazing game activities where you explore different things and interact with different objects. At the beach, you can build sandcastles, and swim in the ocean. This is the best place for enjoying and relaxing. Characters wear beach outfits.

Toca Life Beach story build in toca life world
toca life farm explore

Toca Life: Farm 

In this story, you can explore different areas like farmhouses, barns, and fields. You experience farmhouse life and take care of all the beautiful animals. You can collect eggs, milk, and create stories and crops on a farm life farm APK.

Toca Life: Neighborhood

It’s an amazing part of the game where you can visit various places like parks, schools, and people’s homes. You can make friends. You can play in the playground, attend classes at the school, and attend a party with neighbors.

toca life neighborhood house
toca life birthday part with friends

Toca Life: Birthday Party

Birthday parties are an exciting part of the toca life world. In this part, you can celebrate birthdays with friends and give them gifts. You can choose party themes like superhero, princess, kitty, etc. You can play games, wear fancy dresses, open gifts, take silly photos, etc at the parties.

Toca Life: Kitchen

In the toca life kitchen, you can cook delicious food. All equipment and ingredients are available in the virtual kitchen. You can chop different vegetables and make delicious dishes with family and friends. 

toca life kitchen in build stories in toca boca world with free houses
toca life hospital with hello kitty characters

Toca Life: Hospital

In this story, you can explore different areas like the waiting room, reception, and various medical departments. You can play a role as a doctor, or nurse in the hospital. You can examine patients, perform surgeries, and even deliver babies.

Toca Life: Hair Salon

If you are a hairstyling and fashion lover this location is for you. You can become a hairstylist and experience different hair activities. Explore the different areas like the styling area, washing area, and cutting area. You can try different hairstyles, like color, curly, and hairbands.

toca life hair salon picture
toca life restaurant dinner enjoy

Toca Life: Restaurant

In a restaurant, you become a chef, waiter, and customer. You can cook various dishes like burgers, pizza, and meals. You can serve customers and see their happy reactions. You can play as a customer and order your favorite dishes. 

Toca Life: Stable

If you are a horse riding lover this place is for you. You can visit a big stable. In this stable, you take care of horses and feed them. Huge variety of horses with different colors in the stable. You can give baths and grass for eating.

toca life stable ridding enjoy with characters
toca life pet shop visit with characters and buy pet

Toca Life: Pet Shop

If you are an animal lover, you will enjoy the pet shop. You can play with pets.  In this story, you can explore different locations like in pet shops, pet salons, and animal hotels. You can choose different animals like dogs, cats, birds, and fish.

Toca Life: Train

It is a cool part of the game. It’s about a train journey. You can travel on different trains with different colors. You can play as a conductor and drive the train. If you are playing as a passenger then enjoy the different activities like sitting in different seats etc. You meet different different characters in travels.

toca life train travel
toca life zoo explorer with different characters

Toca Life: Zoo

In this part, you can see different animals like lions, giraffes, pandas, elephants, and different birds. You can see underwater creatures. You can play the role of a zookeeper and make your virtual zoo.

Toca Life: Mystery House

Toca Mystery House is a super exciting part of the game. In this part, you explore the mystery house with many hidden surprises. Every room is filled with puzzles. You can play  with different characters to find treasure boxes etc 

explorer toca life mystery house and discover hidden objects
create stories toca life book worm

Toca Life: Bookworm

You explore a library with different characters and read the book in the library. You become a librarian and customer,  according to creating your own stories.

Toca Life: Fashion Show

Fashion shows are a stylish part of the Build stories in Toca Life world. In this part, you become a fashion designer and run your virtual boutique. You can dress up your models with different outfits, walk styles, and pose. You play the role of a model. 

prepared for toca life fashion show
Toca Life City explore places

Toca Life: City

Toca Life City is a popular game where you can explore different places. Each location has other activities. You can go shopping at the mall, eat at a restaurant, play in the park, buy a pet, go to a pet shop, etc. it’s like a real city game.  

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Open the game and select the location where you want to create your story to take place.

Get together with friends, Experiment with camera angles, utilize object creativity, and Use a mix of characters.

Yes, there are effects and animations.

Absolutely! Yes, you can definitely use objects from one place to another in-game to create a unique story.


Build Stories in Toca Boca World you have the power to create your unique adventure and explore different locations. You can choose a group of beautiful characters. The best thing about the game there are no rules and no limits. This amazing opportunity to build your own stories. Get ready for some interesting build stories in Toca Boca World.

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