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Are you searching for gameplay in that mysterious vibe and you want to know all the features of the game? Are you looking for a mystery game with loads of surprises? Toca Mystery House is a mysterious game. In this unique world get ready for a thrilling adventure. 

Are you looking for gameplay in that mysterious vibe and you want to know all the features of the game? You get a mysterious and full of amazing game. Toka Mystery House is a mystery game. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in this unique world.

In this game, the mystery house is filled with surprises. Each room has interesting challenges and interesting surprises. You can explore spooky places with solved puzzles, and unlock new rooms and hidden things.

Game Name Toca Mystery House MOD APK v2.4 Play
DeveloperToca Boca
category Puzzle-solving
Space 91 MB
Latest Version2.4 Play
Price Free


It is a popular game where you can have exciting adventures. In the game, you will explore spooky rooms and uncover hidden clues. The game offers a unique experience and allows one to explore the characters freely

Toca Mystery House is designed to spark your curiosity and problem-solving. You go from room to room, discover hidden things, and solve challenges. It’s a super exciting game. The game you can play in Toca Life World MOD APK with an unlimited mod menu. 

Features of Toca Mystery House MOD APK

if you guys are lover of mystery games then Toca Mystery House MOD APK is the best game to fulfill your game desires. You will enjoy the game due to its fantastic features some features are given below.

Explore Mysterious House

 In the game you can explore a spooky house filled with surprises. Every room has its unique hidden clue and environment. You can tap on things and see what happens. The house is full of mysteries. 

Solve Puzzles and Find Clues 

When you solve puzzles and find clues it’s like a mystery story.  Puzzles can be a tricky task you must solve using problem-solving skills. Clues are like little pieces of information that help us unlock new areas solve mysteries and move forward in the game.

Interact Characters

There are interesting characters in the game. The characters in the game have their personalities. You can talk with characters. It’s like having a virtual friend.

Touch and Discover

You can touch and interact with objects in the mysteris game. It’s using your fingers to touch things and see what happens. You find hidden surprises and reveal hidden things.  

Engaging Gameplay

The game is designed to keep you entertained and interesting. The exciting gameplay includes exciting challenges and interactive elements. The purpose of the game is to make you feel fun and happy.

Creative Freedom

Creative freedom means the game allows you to express yourself. You can create a story according to your own choice.  You can express yourself without any rules and restrictions.

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Why Choose Toca Mystery House?

The game is a great way to unleash your inner detective. You can unravel hidden objects and search for pieces to solve the mystery.

You can access unlimited different characters. 

You can create new products through laboratory experiments.

This house allows various rooms with different objects.

You can create different stories and discover stories hidden.

Every step you will uncover new clues, solve puzzles, and unravel the mysteries in the house.

How to Play the Game?

Enter the mysterious house: Open the game and enter the game’s virtual world.

Explore the rooms: Take some time to visit every room in the house. Tap on objects and furniture to see if they secrete are hold.

Solve Puzzles: Solve the puzzles and challenges. Use your problem-solving skills to find solutions and unlock new things.

Discover new objects: After solving the puzzles you get clues and pieces of information to unlock a hidden room in the house. 

Enjoy the adventure: Enjoy yourself in the thrilling environment of the game enjoy the excitement of revealing hidden objects.

How to Download and Install the Game?

To download and install the mod version of the game you need some mb free space on your device(android). Now follow these steps to download the game. 

  • Step 1: Press the download button available at the top of the page and then download the file in the device.
  • Step 2: Enable the “unknown resource” option on your mobile device setting.
  • Step 3: Now open the download folder on your device and click on the APK file for installation.
  •  Step 4: The installation process has started.
  • Step 5: After completing the installation the game is shown on your mobile screen.

  FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

It is an exciting and interactive game where you can explore hidden objects.

This is a super easy game where you just tap on different things in the house to see what happens. 

Yes, the game is designed for all ages. It’s a family-friendly game.

Unfortunately, this game is a single-player game.


 In conclusion, Toca Mystery House MOD APK is a super exciting game where you solve all puzzles and discover hidden objects in the mystery house, When you have completed all tasks and detective adventure the game is over. 

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