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Old Version’s Toca Boca World(free download)

versionLast 6 Old Version
Size556 MB
Specialty Education App
CategoryRole Playing
DeveloperToca Boca
DevicesAndroid/ ios/ Pc

Do you want to compare the new and old versions toca boca world?  Do you want to know and download the old version? All the details of the old version are mentioned in this article. All the details of the old version are mentioned in this article. 

The old version of Toca boca World offers old content with limited features and bugs.

The game allows users to create stories with characters. Every location has different apps like Toca Kitchen, Toca Hair Salon, and Toca Town. And some options are limited and have some glitches.  

Old Versions Toca Boca World (Download Link)

What is Old Version Toca Boca World

In old versions, the game locations were limited and stories created options were less. In the old version, it was called Toca Life: World. 

In the old versions Toca Boca, locations are individual in different apps with different locations and themes. The app’s name is based on location names like Toca Hair Salon, and Toca Life: vocations.

Each location has its unique activities and character.  In the new version all places are combined in a single app you can explore every place with different activities. 

Glitches in old versions toca boca world and toca life

Feature of Old Version Toca Boca World

In older versions of the app, each mini-game had its separate app. But Don’t worry you can join a game with limited options. There were still exciting things in the app.

Here we will discuss some old versions of app names and features

Fewer Location

In older versions Toca Boca, every location kept a separate app and theme. Each app provides a unique experience. For example, Toca Life School allows us to create a story at school with teachers, friends, the classroom, the cafeteria, and fun activities. 

Limited  Characters

The feature offers a limited selection of characters. Every character has a unique personality. You can create stories with fewer characters. 

Fewer Customization

In the old version of Toca Life: world, the customization feature is limited as compared to the new version. You can choose a character outfit with a limited option. The feature will design a dreamy room with limited furniture and colors.

Fewer Events and Gifts

In old versions, limited events and gifts were compared to new versions. In this feature, you can join an event for a limited time. You can receive gifts and rewards while playing. But don’t worry you can enjoy a game with fewer events and gifts. 

Compatibility Problem

Old versions Toca Boca sometimes have compatibility issues, meaning the game does not work smoothly on devices or operating systems. Old versions contain some glitches or other problems. The developer removed all the problems in the new version. 

 Comparison / Dissimilarities 

      New Version
Toca Boca World
    Old Versions
Toca Boca World
In the old version, you are facing some issues. Switching the app to visit all places 
You can easily visit all places in a single app.You can customize the character’s own choice
In the old version, you are facing some issues. you can customize the characters with limited option
You can play smoothly without any destruction.In the old version, you are facing some issues. 

 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

No, You can’t transfer characters between different apps.

Yes, you can play with friends.

No, Transferring game progress from the old version to the new version is impossible.

Yes, You can customize the character in the old version with limited options.

The old version has a total of 8 different locations. 

Toca life World MOD APK (mod play) 1.84v is the new and updated version of the game.


This is a popular game. The old versions Toca Boca World MOD APK have separate apps for each location. You download all the apps on the device to access all the locations. Some bugs and issues in the old version. The developer constantly updates the app to fix problems and improve its performance.

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