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Role Playing & Education

Everyone loves playing “Toca Boca World,” but not everyone can afford to buy a membership to use all the cool features. It can be very frustrating because they miss out on the best parts of the game just because they can’t pay for it. Wait! Let me Spill the beans.

I’m providing a Toca Boca World MOD APK, a free version of “Toca Boca World”, that allows us to access all the features without needing to buy a membership. Now, everyone can enjoy the complete game experience without any cost.

In this game, you can explore the world and create stories according to your imagination with your favorite character in any location you want. This game is specially designed for children in which they learn a lot of things like problem-solving, Puzzle solving, social knowledge, and storytelling.


Free Toca Boca World Mod APK are creative and popular educational games developed by Toca Boca. The app provides all the unlocked features of 2024 for Android. The main feature of the game is unlimited access for free.

In this game, you can explore many different places like hospital pet shops, shopping malls, and beaches. The game offers a beautiful digital world where players can create their second digital life with friends. The game is like a book of days in which everyone can freely create their own story.

You can get many things such as surprise gifts, houses, shopping, furniture, and unlimited money. Toca Life World mod APK (play mod) is an updated and latest version of the popular game Toca Boca World. This app has a rating of 4.2 stars and 5,710,184 votes on the Play Store.

The app unlocked all the responsibilities and covered up 90+ locations and 500 characters. The latest version of the game introduced new locations. The new update adds new characters and outfits. If you want to know an alternative to the game, check out this article.

Feature of Toca Boca World MOD APK

It was published by the Swedish company Toca Boca in 2018. The game offers unlocked features and premium content, allowing users to explore the digital world. These features make it easy for players to become excellent players.

You can also enjoy all the features on other devices like on  PC, IOS, and MAC   

Unlimited Customization

One of the coolest features is that you can customize everything according to your imagination. The game allows users to customize everything such as character outfits and houses. This feature gives rise to creativity in your digital world. And create many types of characters without any restrictions.

toca boca world mod apk unlimited customization

Unlocked all Location

The app feature provides all unlocked locations in Toca Life such as homes, Bop City, beaches, free mystery houses, shopping malls, toca boca free houses and most interesting places pet shops.  Every location offers different activities. You can explore everything in this game.

toca boca unlocked all locations

Interact with Objects

 Interacting and playing with objects in the game is so funny and interesting. You can play with objects and items in different places. You can cook delicious dishes in the kitchen, play with toys, watch funny serials and play music. And can go for a swim. 

unlocked all furniture in toca boca mod apk

Unlimited Money and Gifts

In survival mode, players explore the world with unlimited money and gifts. You can get many things including surprise gifts houses, pets, furniture, and unlimited money.

toca boca unlimited gifts and money

Interactive Environment

The game provides interactive environments like a hair salon, park, and grocery store where players can engage in many activities. Explore new lands and participate in entertainment activities.

toca boca mod apk unlocked everything


The game also includes many mini-games and various activities that players play in these games and win a coin, which can be used to buy every item in the game.

toca boca mod apk free mini games

Pet System

A pet system involves many activities, players take care of pets and play with them, feeding them and giving them water. You can also adopt pets with their unique characteristics and colors. Life will become a lot of fun with the appearance of a pet animal.

toca boca pet shop

Ad-Free Game

Say goodbye to distractions. The ad-free game means that you do not have to deal with any advertisements popping up while you are playing.  The added free game can contribute to a more enjoyable experience without distractions.

toca boca ads free game

Chose a Costume

You can choose a different outfit or costume for your characters in the game playmod . It’s like a virtual wardrobe in your build story. Players can customize the appearance of characters with different clothing options, hairstyles, and accessories.

toca boca characters outfit

Offline Play Support

The free toca Boca World MOD APK allows offline play to explore creating anything and playing. The main benefit of the feature is that it protects from viruses and other internet threats. you can play the game without connecting to the internet. 

offline 1 1

Work as  Movie Director

The game feature means playing the director role and creating a movie. Toca Life allows players to create movies. Players can create movies together. A player needs a strong staff to do the job of a director.

toca boca world mod apk movie

Regular Updated 

This game is regularly updated, introducing new content and exciting additions. Stay engaged and wait for new surprises with each update. You can download the latest version, 1.87, of the game app. Hello Kitty is the beautiful avatar of this game.

toca boca world regular update

Interact with Friends and Earn Reward

Explore beautiful cities with friends. Every player enjoys the game with a partner and completes some special challenges, then earns the reward. 

toca boca world hello kitty friend characters

Build your Story with Unlimited Imagination

you can show your creativity in this game. You freely explore any location according to your imagination. The game encourages players to create their own stories similar to real life and enjoy the environment in this play mod toca boca world.

enjoy free toca boca mod apk with mod feature

Feature of Toca Boca World APK

Toca Boca World: Build a Story is a highly popular and top-rated gaming app. The game provides a digital environment where players build their own stories. This APK consistently updates the game and improves some features.

These updates keep the game feature fresh and engaging. Old versions may not have offered the locations characters or activities that the current version of the game offers.

Education Benefit

The game can help you attractively gain knowledge and skills. Toca Life: World Play Mods is an interesting game and has also proved to be an educational tool. We learn creative social skills and problem-solving skills in this game.

Multiplayer Game

You can interact with other people from all over the world. And you can play with many people and make new friends. Players will experience an interesting world of features and challenges. In the jojo Toca Boca, we learn about cooperation with friends and helping others.

Safe Environment

The mod apk toca Life Stories app provides a safe and family-oriented environment for children. You can play with friends, siblings, and other people. The game offers a peaceful digital world where you can explore different interesting locations. 

No rules, No Stress

This game has no stress and time limit. You can play without any pressure. You can play the game without any restrictions for a long time. Players can play at their own pace and free exploration and stress-free games. 

Get Weekly Gift

You can receive a special gift and surprise in the game every week. Getting a special gift every week in a game is super cool. Its like a little surprise that keeps you excited and motivated to keep playing.

Stylize Your Character

Players can create and customize the characters in this game, characters’ appearance with different outfits, hairstyles, and even their body features. In the game, you can show your hundred percent of creativity.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The Toca Boca MOD APK is available for many devices, including Android and IOS, and can be downloaded for free. You can safely use all unlocked features for free.

What’s New in Toca Boca World MOD APK 1.88 Update?

  • New Locations: The latest update launches new locations like cloth shops, new cities, forests, and zoos where you can interact with other people. And provide unlocked all places in Toca Boca.
  • Develop New Activities:  The updated version adds new activities and mini-games that you can play in different locations with Toca Boca characters. Take new rides in new parks and create new recipes in the kitchen.
  • Additional Characters: Meet new toca boca characters and join the new community. These new characters have unique personalities with new styles and are funny.
  • Enhanced Customization: Customize characters with various aspects such as appearance, outfit, and accessories. Not only can you choose the characters, but you can also choose their expressions, manners, and poses. 
  • Bug Fixes: The update fixes bugs and improves the game’s performance. Regularly updating the developer provides new features and makes a more enjoyable game for everyone. 
  • Main Feature of V1.87: The Latest version of v1.87 has added exclusive gifts for series 2, a new tool for home designing, 600+ characters, Bug Fixes, add new multiplayer game “Toca Boca World Days” and a new Y2K loft feature.

Regular Version VS Mod APK

Feature NameRegular VersionMOD APK Version 
Location Unlocked NoYes
Unlimited Money NoYes
Interesting EventYesYes
Free to playNoYes
Unlocked all FurnitureNoYes
Playable OfflineYeaYes

How to install and download for android?

In this paragraph, I explain how to download the free Toca Boca MOD APK latest version ( unlocked all furniture). The new version unlocked all the premium features and they optimized the performance to enhance the gameplay. Now let us discuss how to install this game. Follow these steps to download the MOD APK game 2024:

  • Step 1: Click the Download button on the page. 
  • Step 2: First, provide access to install apps from unknown source options.
  • (On your device  go to settings and find the app option  then click on special app access then click on  install unknown apps then toggle on the “ allow from this source” option.)
  • Step 3: Save the file in your device now open the file manager/ download folder and click on the downloaded APK files for installation.
free toca boca world download
Download Button
unknow source access to download toca boca mod apk file
Access to APK File
toca boca world download apk file
Download APK File
  •  Step 4:Wait for the installation to complete
  • Step 5: Now open the game, start playing, and enjoy all the unlocked features.

Now Enjoy the virtual playland according to your own choice.

toca boca game install
Installation Step
toca boca world appear on home screen on your device
App appears on device
play and enjoy the free toca boca world mod apk
Enjoy Free Toca Boca


you need a few requirements to play game  on your Android devices:

  • Make sure your Android device meets the compatibility with Toca Life World.
  • Operating System: The game requires Android 5.0 or later versions.
  • Ram: The space requirement depends on new updates of the game but usually 1GB of free space is enough for smooth gameplay.
  • Storage Space: Having sufficient space allows the game to load quickly and run without any slowdowns.

Pros and Cons

All unlocked features in the mod version

Play Offline

Constantly Update

Ad Free

Virus Free

Mod Version not available on Mac

Compatibility Issue

Controls can be challenging

Repetitive Gameplay

  FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Toca Boca is a creative company that makes interesting mobile video games for kids.

Toca Life World is an awesome digital playground for children. You can create your own stories in a digital world.

Yes, you can download free.

The free download method is explained on the page.

Yes, You can play safely. But it should be downloaded on the trusted page.

Yes, you can play offline with unlocked all the features.

Toca Boca (mod play) V1.87 is the latest and updated version of the game.

Yes, the game offers unlocked all furniture.


It is the most popular and interesting game for children. The game offers all unlocked features & furniture for fun like interactive environments, cute characters, surprises and pets. You can explore different and interesting places.

The app is safe for children and does not contain any mature content. This game is like a digital world where you can create a second digital life. It is easily downloaded and run on mobile phone devices.